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Crafting the

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Weekend Indulgence

Toast the week-that-was with one of these simple recipes for totally-worth-it treats to complement your favourite coffee drink. Because weekends were made for just rewards.

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Fall / Winter

The cozy flavours and aromas of these fall and winter warmers are tailor-made for when the mercury drops. Whether you like to layer up and embrace a good cold snap or have a better appreciation of Jack Frost from the great indoors, these recipes for the cooler months are sure to inspire your inner barista.


Spring / Summer

Refresh yourself from the inside out with one of these easy-to-make iced coffee cocktails or sweet sunshine-ready treats. Spring is the perfect time to try something new, and sweltering summer days are so much more enjoyable when you’re sipping something tall, cool and delicious.     

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VIew Roasts

Take a tour of the tasting notes for the truly wide world of Starbucks® coffee, from Starbucks® True North to our delectable French Roast, available now in your grocery aisle.